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Pipe Video Inspection

Diagnose and Fix Concealed or Underground Pipes

Utilization of a video camera allows our technicians to inspect the condition of underground sewer lines and other types of underground or concealed pipe.
A flexible rod with a waterproof camera is pushed through the pipe for inspection. As the rod progresses through the pipe, the camera transmits the video images so that the technician can diagnose the problem.
Pipe Video

Pinpointing the Problem

Technicians run the camera down a main line. By using a video camera, your technician can easily save time and money by identifying damaged pipes that may require repair or replacement. Areas where video inspection technology can prove useful include are:
  • Broken, cracked or collapsed pipes
  • Offset pipe(s) that may have shifted due to frozen ground or settling
  • Blockage from grease buildup or a foreign object within the line
  • Corrosion from deterioration and/or a broken pipe that has caused the line to collapse
  • Bellied pipe: a pipe that may have sunk due to the ground shifting or soil erosion that has created a "valley" and collects paper and/or waste
  • A leaking joint
  • Root infiltration: tree roots may have invaded the sewer line
  • Track the camera head to pinpoint bad spots above ground
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