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Reviews for The Drainman, Inc.

Read some testimonials from our satisfied customers on anything from drain cleaning to plumbing services. You'll call The Drainman, Inc. in no time.
“Your company is on the top of our list to call when we next have a need of drain work." 
– Emma Hagemier, Acct. Payable Supervisor, TransCorr LLC and Tom Joy & Son Trucking, LLC
"It went great! A serviceman came out the same day I called. He fixed the problem, was funny and cleaned up!" 
– Mrs. Hulbert 10-30-13
– Mr. Boots 11/5/13
– Mr. Coley 10-30-13
" Excellent " 
– Ms. Rawlins 10-25-13
"Excellent. Arrived as he said he would and installed a new kitchen faucet."
– Mr. Bonifield 10-4-13
"Great! Great customer service. Great, friendly plumber" 
– Ms. Melvin 09-20-13
"It went extremely well. I am pleased." 
– Ms. Brown 9-26-13
"Showed up on time & first thing in the morning. Did a great job with the drain." 
– Mr. Schall 8-19-13
"Went great" 
– Mr. Taylor 8-15-13
"Very fast, good service-called around nine, technician was here within ½ hour." – Ms. Berlin 8-1-13 
"Super, Great, Excellent" 
– Ms. Kres
"Great. Drain Works." 
– Mr. Shepard 7-18-13
"Fantastic. Very Helpful & informative, good, arrived on time & did a great job." 
– Ms. Wolfred 7-2-13
– Ms. Blair 6-19-13
"Shawn was on time & friendly, & he explained everything as he did it. Great experience." 
– Mr. Henson 6-21-13
– Mr. Wetzel 6-25-13
"I'd just like to add a gold star for the plumbing contractors. One of their technicians had to step inside a couple of times and he was very courteous and careful to take his shoes off. I appreciate that!"
– Ms. Mond 6-5-13
– Mr.& Mrs. Brady 5-30-13
"Husband called in am. Responded by early afternoon".
– Ms. Lyon 5-31-13
"It was awesome. They came out the same day. Chawn was there fast. The price was reasonable".
– Ms. Mclin 5-24-13
"On time. Great work and experienced workers. Very professional" 
– Ms. Russell 4-23-13
"Very well" 
– Ms. Smith 4-23-13
"Great job, very professional" 
– Mr. Velez 4-18-13
"Chawn was very professional & explained everything he was doing as he worked. Very pleasant." 
– Ms. Larson 4-17-13
"Cleaned sewer through outside cleanout and did a great job" 
– Mr. Garrison 4-19-13
"John and Chawn were fantastic. They showed up quickly and did a great job. Thank you!!" 
– Mr. May 4-18-13
"Very well – Always good service only company I will ever work with" 
– Mr. Smith 4-22-13
"The entire job went excellent form start to finish. Actually went above and beyond" 
– Mr. Childs 4-22-13
"Very good, was in and out in short time unclogged drain, explained what he was doing, looked in crawl space."
– Mrs. Bender 4-15-13
"Went great – Gentleman was very professional." 
– Mr. Watkins 4-13-13
"Very well."
– Mr. Proctor 4/10/13
– Ms. Talbott 3/8/13
"Excellent! Chawn was very professional! Clean very friendly and helpful! Gave great advice! Man I called to schedule appointment was excellent as well!" 
– Ms. Gomez 3/6/13
"Called them because my water heater was leaking a lot of water. They came within 30-35 minutes. And he did a good job for me."
– Ms. Hunley 10/30/12
"Shaun showed up assessed the situation and fixed the problem."
– Mr. Thrasher 10/30/12
"Shaun was great. The Drainman came out and fixed our clogged drain quickly and efficiently."
– Ms. Thrasher 10/16/12
"Outstanding, friendly, very knowledgeable, came early –wonderful service."
– Mr. St. Angelo 9/26/12
"Fast, Professional & courteous."
– Ms. Baker 9/6/12
"Great! Problem found & immediately resolved- quickly."
– Ms. Bohl 8/17/12
"Always on time, professional, personable. Worked problem drain with excellent explanation and reduced problem with no worry."
– Ms. Beckner 7/30/12
"Very well. On time did not try to see more than we needed."
– Ms. Cripe 7/16/12
"Needed cleaning and due to oldness of pipes needed replaced. Very professional & helpful."
– Ms. Bingham 7/16/12
"Perfect. Shaun was on time professional and a great representative of the company."
– Ms. Burton 7/15/12
"Very polite and helpful. Didn't take long to accomplish the work."
– Ms. Price 7/9/12
"Super great job replaced line in wall behind fridge."
– Ms. Curran 7/6/12
"Shaun arrived when he said he would. He performed his job very well and was pleasant. He gave me advice to pour water down the drain monthly to help."
– Mrs. Jeffrey 7/5/12
"Jason showed up just as scheduled was very polite listened to the issues went right to work resolved the clogs quickly at a very reasonable price."
– Ms. Strader 7/2/12
"Great service was here within 45 minutes from call and worked fast and efficient!"
– Ms. Martin 6/25/12
"Quickly cleared drain and showed me how to do it myself if I wanted too."
– Mr. Roland 5/24/12
"Everything went well, plumber was very nice and worked hard."
– Mr. Duncan 3/29/12
"Excellent. Gary called before coming, was polite, efficient and left no mess."
– Ms. Fleming 1/19/12
"Very well, very professional and informative..."
– Ms. May 1/19/12
"Gary was exceptional. Very prompt service."
– Mr. Moritz 1/11/12
"Came within 4 hours of my call, tech was polite, efficient and quick."
– Mrs. Hofmeister 1/3/12
"Chawn was awesome."
– Mr. & Mrs. Snow 5/10/13
"Very professional and good."
– Mrs. Moran 6/16/13
"Good start - finish."
– Mrs. Beck 6/17/13
"Excellent Service" 
– Mrs. Spears 11/11/13
"Very good Very good"
– Ms. Foree 11/11/13
"On time, worked hard" 
– Mr. Hawkins 11/6/13
"Very well and efficient" 
– Mr. Trogdon 11/6/13
"Gary and John were very prompt. They kept their area very clean where they were working. They explained everything they did in detail."
– Mrs. Armstrong 11/19/13
" Prompt, Efficient, Courteous, Helpful" 
– Mrs. McDonough 11/18/13
"Great Customer Service and very informal w/ education & honest" 
– Ms. Gary 12/3/13
"Chawn the Drainman was on time & performed his work quickly and efficiently" 
– 12/3/13
– Mr. Rhods 12/23/13
"Great, tech was prompt, very knowledgeable & efficient." 
– Ms. Hamilton 12/18/13
"All was very good. Very satisfied."
– Mrs. DeBruler 2/13/14
– Mr. Brooks 2/24/14
No matter what time, day or night, our technicians are here for you. Call The Drainman, Inc. at 317-822-9290 for 24-hour service.

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