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Water Pressure Boosting

Tired of Trickling Water Pressure From the Shower?

Try out a high-performance pressurizer, installed professionally by the staff at The Drainman, Inc., to increase water pressure.

Why Choose a High-Performance Pressurizer?

This pressurizer includes a properly sized pressure tank to decrease power consumption, improve motor life and provide additional water storage to meet peak water demands. Our specially trained staff will install this pressurizer quickly and efficiently for you so you can enjoy higher water pressure throughout your home.

High-Quality Pressurizer Specifications

  • Stainless-steel pump head
  • Components and capabilities normally found in commercial systems
  • 115/230v compatible
  • Boost capabilities from 40 to 50 psi over city pressure
  • Includes pressure and temperature safety switches
  • Quiet operation (65dB)
  • Two-year limited warranty
No matter what time, day or night, our technicians are here for you. Call The Drainman, Inc. at 317-822-9290 for 24-hour service.
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